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Hundreds of schools across the country and internationally are accelerating learning with Thinking Maps. In fact, an independent third-party study showed that schools using Thinking Maps are roughly twice as likely to exceed average growth rates for their district. And when you look at the individual results of our users, the data is clear: schools who use Thinking Maps with fidelity improve learning outcomes.

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The Research

Brain-Based Strategies. Implementation Excellence. Proven Results.

In 2019, a third-party correlational study compared student achievement results for elementary and middle schools using Thinking Maps to district averages. The results were meaningful and significant and show that schools using Thinking Maps were roughly 2 times more likely to surpass average growth rates for their districts than schools not using Thinking Maps. Meets ESSA standards for Tier 2 Research.

  • Schools using Thinking Maps were 2.0x more likely to surpass average district growth rates in Reading.
  • Schools using Thinking Maps were 2.7x more likely to surpass average district growth rates in Math.

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Case Studies

Maricopa Unified School District


At Maricopa Unified School District, Thinking Maps are embedded in everything they do, from the classroom to the district offices. A strategic district-wide approach to implementation of Thinking Maps and Write from the Beginning…and Beyond has created sustainable transformation at the school and district level.

Cypress Elementary


At Cypress Elementary School, students with diverse backgrounds and learning needs are maximizing their potential with Thinking Maps. This “visual language for learning” allows every student to be successful and make progress toward learning standards. Students are now more confident, engaged, and empowered to take ownership of their own learning.

Lexington School for the Deaf

New York

For students at Lexington School for the Deaf, Thinking Maps is a shared visual language that helps all students participate and succeed, regardless of their previous language experiences.

Desert Rose Elementary


At Desert Rose Elementary, Thinking Maps, Path to Proficiency, and Write from the Beginning…and Beyond have transformed teaching and learning and united the staff around student achievement.

Pace Brantley Preparatory


Students come to Pace Brantley Preparatory with all kinds of learning needs. Thinking Maps gives teachers the tools they need to help every student succeed. Consistent use of Thinking Maps across grade levels and content areas has reduced anxiety for students and given them confidence in their abilities to tackle grade-level content and standards.

Cherry Creek School District


Thinking Maps and Path to Proficiency helped Cherry Creek School District accelerate language and writing proficiency for English Language Learners (ELLs).

Patriot Elementary


At Patriot Elementary, the hallways are filled with colorful Thinking Maps—and students have gone from passive learners to an active learning community.

Friendship Elementary


Lasting school change requires ongoing professional development and support. At Friendship Elementary, the Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC) supports school transformation.

Magnolia School District


When Magnolia School District needed a better way to develop writing proficiency, Write from the Beginning…and Beyond was the key to empowering students of all backgrounds.

Kenilworth Elementary


At Kenilworth, Thinking Maps was the centerpiece of a whole-school transformation experience that took the school from struggling to a "Super Cool School!"

West Belden


West Belden, a K-8 Chicago International Charter School, uses Thinking Maps as a foundation for their personalized approach to instruction.

Lake County


Lake County uses Thinking Maps to build student-owned learning strategies that they can take with them anywhere. As a result, they are reaching new levels of achievement.

Concourse Village Elementary

New York

Concourse Village Elementary School (CVES), a New York City Pre-K5 school, went from single-digit proficiency levels to top ten performance with Thinking Maps.

Lucia Mar USD


At Lucia Mar U.S.D., an embedded and targeted approach to Thinking Maps training led to significant gains in student progress.

Bonita Springs Elementary


Bonita Springs Elementary went from a struggling school to Exceeding Expectations in just two years. Thinking Maps was one of the pillars of their school transformation.

Kenmore Elementary School


Kenmore Elementary School earned national recognition for their achievement gains. A focus on writing with Write from the Beginning…and Beyond was the key.

Meadow Hill GEMS

New York

Meadow Hill GEMS met or exceeded ESSA growth targets for all student subgroups with help from Thinking Maps and the Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC).

David Crockett Early Education


David Crockett Early Education School increased the number of students entering kindergarten with grade-appropriate literacy skills from 40% to 80% with help from Thinking Maps.

Shumway Leadership Academy


Thinking Maps was one of the cornerstones of Shumway's school transformation plan. Their investment led to accelerated achievement and two Exemplary Title I Program Awards.