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Thinking Maps Learning Community

Innovative Tools for a Digital World

Virtual Learning for Teachers and Students

Get ready to take teaching and learning with Thinking Maps to a whole new level! The Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC) is your online hub for instruction, professional learning, Map creation, and inspiration.

Case Studies & Testimonials

We found that our middle school students loved working in TMLC; they created their Maps much faster and they could share their Maps easily through Google Classroom. TMLC allowed for an additional layer of students taking charge of their own thinking.

Scott Prokosch, Principal

Meadow Hill GEMS

Even after using Thinking Maps for years, there is always something new to learn. TMLC lets us go deeper with the Maps and find new ways to use them in our school.

David Rische, Principal

Friendship Hill Elementary

Expect Positive Outcomes

About TMLC

TMLC brings together a wealth of tools, resources, and ideas to personalize effective Thinking Maps implementation and promote more impactful use of the Maps by teachers, students, and school leaders.

TMLC offers benefits throughout your school community:

  • For teachers: Includes time-saving tools for lesson planning, distribution, and management, plus 24/7 access to online professional learning, teaching resources, ideas and Map Builder exercises to support both synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • For students: Students can create, edit, and share Thinking Maps in their preferred online environment. The MyStory Tutorial introduces students to the eight Maps and reinforces their correct use.
  • For administrators: Provides a fast and easy way to build their Plan of Action (POA), monitor progress towards goals, and build effective professional learning communities.

Students using technology to learn in a classroom


Exploring Features and Benefits of TMLC

Active participation in TMLC results in increased engagement with Thinking Maps, greater efficiency for teachers, and improved student outcomes. It is an essential component of an effective and sustainable Thinking Maps implementation. The core components of TMLC include:

Map Builder

An online Map building tool that enables students, teachers, and administrators to create, save, and share digital Thinking Maps.

Online Professional Development

Robust, content-rich online courses allow teachers to continue their professional learning at their own pace.


A rich and ever-growing collection of learning resources for teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators.

Map Gallery

A searchable bank of exemplary Thinking Maps submitted by our user community and vetted by Thinking Maps experts.

Map Builder

Map Builder

Map Builder is a fully-featured online tool for Map creation, lesson planning and collaborative learning.

  • Encourage students’ creativity with powerful formatting and multimedia options for online Map creation and sharing.
  • Power synchronous or asynchronous learning with Map Builder Exercises.
  • Give teachers time-saving tools for assignment creation, distribution, management, review, and feedback, including integration with Google Classroom and other popular LMS platforms.
  • Introduce the Maps and reinforce their correct use with the easy and engaging My Story Tutorial.

Map Gallery

Map Gallery supports lesson planning with a bank of exemplary Thinking Maps submitted by our user community.

  • Search for Maps by content area, grade level, Map type, or keyword.
  • Get inspired with new ideas for using Thinking Maps in your grade level and content area.
  • Support correct use of the Maps with examples that have been vetted by Thinking Maps experts.

Map Gallery

TMLC training courses

Professional Learning, On Your Schedule

TMLC includes 23 training modules organized into 8 engaging online courses.

  • Support ongoing asynchronous professional learning to deepen and extend Thinking Maps practice at your school.
  • Learn how to apply the Maps for specific content areas and student needs.
  • Build strong professional learning communities by sharing and discussing courses in your PLCs.

TMLC Navigator

Each Navigator entry focuses on a specific topic in education with a series of linked articles that include background, links to additional learning resources, connections to Thinking Maps, and lesson plans and ideas for classroom practice.

  • Get an in-depth look at timely and critical topics in education, with new Navigators coming out each month.
  • Find new ideas and Student-Ready Map Builder Exercises that you can apply in the classroom today.
  • Link to additional resources from the education community to support your learning goals.

TMLC Navigator screenshot mockup