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Leadership Training


Building a Language for Leadership with Thinking Maps

School and district leaders are essential to the success of Thinking Maps implementation. We provide training and coaching opportunities to help educational leaders leverage the visual language of Thinking Maps to support whole-school change.

Group of teachers in a workshop

Moving Forward

Planning Your Leadership Training

School, district and instructional leaders can join us for a regional leadership session (virtual or in person). Or, you can plan a customized plan.

Talk to your rep to find out which session is right for you.

Find Your Rep

A Language for Learning

Leadership Orientation

Learn what Thinking Maps are and how to support a successful implementation at your school. Participants will use the A Language for Learning Trainer’s Guide.

A Language for Leadership

Leadership Workshops

Learn how to use Thinking Maps in your role as a leader to plan and implement whole-school change, support PLCs and build staff cohesion. Participants will use the A Language for Leadership Guide.