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Additional Resources

Essential Products for Your Thinking Maps Implementation

Put Thinking Maps to work in your classroom with these teacher guides and learning tools. We created these essential resources to support the use of Thinking Maps for cooperative learning, comprehension and critical thinking across all content areas.

Desk Maps

Cooperative Desk Maps for Collaborative Learning

  • 1 set of eight 17″x22″ heavy-duty laminated and reusable desk Maps
  • Each Map includes a starter pattern on one side and a large brainstorming area on the other

These tools are ideal for cooperative learning groups, think-pair-share, small group projects and presentations.

Comprehension Strategies for Constructing Meaning book cover

Comprehension Strategies for Constructing Meaning

With the Comprehension Strategies guide, educators can understand major research-based comprehension strategies and learn approaches for scaffolding reading comprehension from the abstract to the concrete using Thinking Maps

This guide:

  • Facilitates use of Thinking Maps as active literacy tools to support reading comprehension instruction
  • Includes background information, classroom examples and helpful tips
  • Deepens knowledge of specific comprehension strategies and aligns thought processes with these strategies, including:
    • Prediction
    • Visualization
    • Summarizing
    • Questioning
    • Inference
    • Making Connections

Draw Show Map

Draw, Show and Map Your Thinking

These grade-level-specific guides are a great resource for extending the reach and effectiveness of Thinking Maps, and allowing learners to “stretch their thinking.”

  • Provide teachers with a wealth of ideas for using the Maps across many content areas for grades PreK - 5
  • Are full of easy-to-use, interactive and motivational lessons