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Understanding the Learning Cycle Part Two: Planning

Posted on  August 02, 2017  by  Chris Yeager
The four-part Learning Cycle.You’ve probably heard the expression “failure to plan is planning to fail.” Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to teaching and learning.   In my last blog, I discussed the first stage of the four-part Learning Cycle:
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Understanding the Learning Cycle Part One: Learning

Posted on  July 19, 2017  by  Chris Yeager
learning-cycleWe know that “stand and deliver” style lecturing isn’t the most effective teaching method when it comes to our students. Why would we think it works when it comes to introducing new material to teachers?   The truth is, our
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Building a Culture of Continuous Learning for Teachers

Posted on  July 05, 2017  by  Chris Yeager
The four-part Learning Cycle.We’re all familiar with the traditional model of professional development: an outside consultant comes in during the summer or at the beginning of the school year, spends a few hours or a couple of days introducing the new program or
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It’s All In How You Frame It

Posted on  June 13, 2017  by  Kevin Dougherty
Female High School Teacher Taking ClassIt is clear from conversations with educators from throughout the country that high stress and a sense of overwhelm is a condition of epidemic proportion in our schools today. Clearly, we must equip and empower educators by providing them with
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