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The Official Thinking Maps Blog

Better Together: Thoughts on Recovery from Irma and Harvey

Posted on  September 19, 2017  by  James Dean
blog-png-jamesJames Dean is a fellow Floridian and has represented Thinking Maps for 17 years.  Prior to that James was a Palm Beach County mathematics coordinator and classroom teacher.  He shares his thoughts on the recent hurricane and the many communities
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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Posted on  September 05, 2017  by  Kevin Dougherty
logo_square_thinkingmapsKevin Dougherty is our Director of Business Development at Thinking Maps and represents TMI in Texas.  As an educator and resident of Texas for many years, this message is very close to his heart. Hurricane Harvey’s historic levels of rainfall and resulting floods have already
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People, Process, and Product!

Posted on  August 23, 2017  by  James Dean
businessman-2245098_1920Admittedly, I am a reality show junkie! After a long, fulfilling day working with schools and districts, addressing email, and connecting with my family, I love nothing more than escaping to a reality show.   One of my favorites is
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Understanding the Learning Cycle Part Two: Planning

Posted on  August 02, 2017  by  Chris Yeager
The four-part Learning Cycle.You’ve probably heard the expression “failure to plan is planning to fail.” Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to teaching and learning.   In my last blog, I discussed the first stage of the four-part Learning Cycle:
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