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Advanced Training Options


Let’s Look at Your Options

Your teachers are using Thinking Maps consistently and correctly, students are taking ownership of learning with the Maps, and you’re taking full advantage of the benefits of the Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC).

Great! Let’s take your journey further. We offer advanced training courses to help you get more out of Thinking Maps, support your specific learning needs and goals, and better meet the needs of all students.

What is Your Most Important Goal?


Drive transformation.

The success of any program begins at the top, with school and district leaders. Our leadership training options focus on how you can use Thinking Maps to sustain whole-school change, support PLCs and build staff cohesion. We provide a framework for ongoing implementation and guide the process of making Thinking Maps an integral part of student education from the perspective of the school leader.

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Build writing skills across the curriculum.

Write from the Beginning... and Beyond (WFBB) is a whole-school, comprehensive writing program that leverages Thinking Maps to enable students to organize their thinking for effective written communication. WFBB builds on your initial Thinking Maps training to help teachers move from "assigning writing" to "TEACHING writing" across all content areas.

Initial training in Thinking Maps is a prerequisite for training in WFBB. Within WFBB, everyone starts with the introductory WFBB module: Setting the Stage. After that, you can continue your writing journey with advanced modules for Narrative, Expository/Informational, Argumentative and Response to Text.

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Support English Language Learners (ELLs) and diverse learners.

Path to Proficiency for English Language Learners prepares teachers to meet the academic and language needs of ELLs and other students with language-based learning differences.

Initial training in Thinking Maps is a prerequisite for training in Path to Proficiency. Path to Proficiency is a great next step if you would like to:

  • Build teacher capacity to address the needs of students with all backgrounds and language proficiency levels.
  • Improve educational equity for ELLs and other students struggling with language and literacy development.
  • Accelerate language development and close achievement gaps by providing a framework that students can use to interact with and understand grade level content while they are developing language skills.

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