Customer Highlights

Patriot Elementary takes students from passive to passionate

When Dave Burgess was named Principal of Patriot Elementary School in the fall of 2012, he saw tremendous potential and opportunity. “It was literally a blank slate,” he says. “I saw all these clean white walls waiting to be filled. We had a strong staff, but to take our students to the next level we needed a common focus and language so we could all work together.”

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Friendship Elementary

How One Principal Achieved Lasting Whole-School Change

Lasting school change requires ongoing professional development and support. Here’s how Principal David Rische implemented the Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC) at Friendship Elementary—with some surprising results!

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Magnolia School District

Good Writing Skills Open Doors for Students from All Backgrounds

When Magnolia School District needed a better way to develop writing proficiency, they came to Thinking Maps. Here’s why Assistant Superintendent Hanan Thornton thinks Write from the Beginning…and Beyond! is they key to empowering her students.

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Cherry Creek School District

A Faster Path to English Proficiency

Like many districts across the country, Cherry Creek School District has seen its population of English Language Learners (ELLs) grow in both size and diversity in recent years. Dr. Holly Porter, Director of ELA Programs for Cherry Creek, explains how Path to Proficiency from Thinking Maps has helped the district drive higher achievement for their growing population of ELLs.

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Kenilworth Elementary School

A “Super Cool” Transformation at Kenilworth Elementary

When Principal Anthony Pietrangeli joined Kenilworth Elementary School in Phoenix, he saw a school in need of an identity. He shares his whole-school transformation experience which leveraged Thinking Maps to take the school from struggling to a “Super Cool Thinking Maps School!”

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Thinking Maps Gets Personal at West Belden

At West Belden, a K-8 Chicago International Charter School, highly personalized instruction starts with a common language for learning. The Distinctive Schools administration turned to Thinking Maps to provide all students with a basic foundation of critical thinking and cognitive skills to build that instruction around.
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Building Student-Owned Learning in Lake County Schools

In Lake County, Florida, students own the Thinking Maps learning strategies—and are reaching new levels of achievement. Find out how Director of Teaching and Learning Kati Pearson uses Thinking Maps to build student-owned learning strategies that they can take with them anywhere.
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Introducing Concourse Village Elementary School, our newest Customer Highlight!

Our latest Customer Highlight features Concourse Valley Elementary School (CVES), a New York City Pre-K5 school that went from single digit proficiency levels to top ten performance with Thinking Maps.
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Introducing Lucia Mar Unified School District, our brand new Customer Highlight!

At Lucia Mar U.S.D., an embedded and targeted approach to Thinking Maps training led to significant gains in student progress.
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