Thinking About Thinking: An Interview With Kisha N. Daniels

© 2016 WUNC

© 2016 WUNC

Our very own Kisha N. Daniels was interviewed by Frank Stasio of The State of Things on WUNC of Chapel Hill, NC. Listen to the full radio broadcast to hear Kisha explain how we’re shortchanging critical thinking in the classroom and what we can do about it. In this 15-minute interview, Kisha and Frank discuss:
• Why standards are necessary—and why they aren’t sufficient
• What we really mean by “high-order thinking” and why it is important
• The disconnect between how we assess learning in school and the ways students will have to apply learning on the job
• Why high school is too late to start teaching critical thinking
• How we can integrate higher-order thinking all the way down to the kindergarten level
Kisha is currently the Director of Consulting for Thinking Maps, and is responsible for shaping our professional learning programs. She holds a BA in elementary education, master’s degrees in school counseling and administration, a specialist certification in curriculum and instruction, and a doctoral degree in educational leadership from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
The program can be streamed from

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