Thank you, Jane!


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The world of Thinking Maps was forever changed when, more than 17 years ago, Jane Buckner agreed to join us as a consultant and author.  From the creation of Write…from the Beginning and Write from the Beginning…and Beyond, to the development of Path to Proficiency for English Language Learners, Jane has proven to be a prolific writer and trainer, with a passion to inspire learning at all levels.

At the end of 2013, Jane took her much deserved step into retirement.  This week we have an opportunity to celebrate her and thank her for all she’s done for students, for teachers, and for Thinking Maps.

Jane’s professional legacy is defined by the difference she has made in the lives of others.  Her work not only impacted student learning throughout the world, but her talent for mentoring and guiding her colleagues as they grew professionally left an indelible impression on all who have had the good fortune of working with her.

So Jane – thank you from all of us.  But please note — we’re not saying goodbye, just wishing you a relaxing and fulfilling retirement.  You’ve certainly earned it!

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5 comments on “Thank you, Jane!
  1. Hortencia says:

    Your gift of writing, your passion for children, and the ability to stick to your true north shines in all you do! You have provided all teachers and most importantly, all students with tools that have changed education and tools to last them a lifetime! I am blessed to have had you as a mentor! I pray that God blesses you and your family with good health, lots of laughter and tons of love! You will be missed!


  2. Lisa Moloney says:

    I had the honor of being trained by Jane in Pasadena for Write From The Beginning. What an amazing four days! Thank you Jane for giving teachers your amazing knowledge and years of wisdom. I will think of you always in your cabin drinking
    Mountain Dew as you sifted through all the EL research.

    Lisa Moloney
    District Trainer for WFTB and PTP
    Huntington Beach CA

  3. I was trained as a trainer by Chris Yeager and Write from the Beginning from Jane Buckner! How lucky am I?

  4. Helen Tross says:

    Dearest Jane,
    No one has influenced me more than you in my 37 years of teaching. I continue to learn from you on a daily basis as I look through all my notes from your lessons, your WFTB Binder and Power Points. Still to this day, after 10 years, we are using WFTB in SAUSD and it is getting stronger and stronger. Through your tutelage we continue to write lessons and grow in our writing skills, building through consistency at each grade level. Before starting WFTB, only 14 out of 4000 students passed our state writing test. Last year, we had 3,300! Thank you for giving me the tools to do my job. I am forever indebted. Love, Helen Tross

  5. Every time we conduct a Write from the Beginning & Beyond or Path to Proficiency training we can HEAR Jane Buckner’s voice in her work. Every time student successes resulting from WFTBB and/or P2P are shared, we REJOICE with Jane and the amazing legacy she has left for educators and students.

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