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Growing the Creative Executive Brain

#5 in a series from The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement, and Perseverance by Gayle Gregory and Martha Kaufeldt   How many times have you heard, or even said, “My students can’t do that!”  I remember when the graduation
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Changing What I Can!

  Friday afternoon, 4:30 pm, I drag myself through the front door of my home, put on a small pot of coffee then collapse on the couch. What a day, what a week! The aroma of the brewing coffee soothes my
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Creating Resilient Schools

I often think back to my years growing up in the Bronx, NY and recalling how my mother knew what I did before I got home. Not always a good thing from my young perspective, but a reassuring one nonetheless.
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Stick Pick

As a teacher I used a “stick strategy” in the classroom because I wanted to make sure each and every student was actively engaged daily.  I kept popsicle sticks in a zippered baggy and labeled each with a student’s name. 
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Mapping Aprons

The Florida DOE just contracted with the non-profit organization American Institutes for Research, to design evaluations that will assess our students in thinking analytically.  So… how do we get students to think critically and deeper? Some primary educators at Sawgrass
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Using Thinking Maps to Teach Academic Vocabulary

Did you happen to catch Edutopia‘s January 2, 2014 article by Todd Finley, 8 Strategies for Teaching Academic Vocabulary? While the use of Thinking Maps is not included as one of the 8 strategies, the maps can be used in all
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Former Principal Weighs in on Thinking Maps

Check out this editorial that was published in a Florida newspaper recently. It’s always refreshing and exciting to hear from our Thinking Maps educators! Read what this former principal and Thinking Maps advocate has to say about raising achievement and transforming schools.
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2013 in Review

Every year we remark how quickly time flies. We note how the children have grown and how the seasons pass without notice as life gets busy (We’re likely all making resolutions to stop and smell the roses more, right?). We’re
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Mu-SEE-uM: Mapping A Change in Thinking

Kindergarten students commenced their partnership with the Norton Museum of Art with unforgettable tours of the exhibit Block by Block and several galleries. This collaboration has been coined Mu-SEE-uM. Docents BJ Golboro, Carol Ann Khawly, and Barbara Mitrione, who will
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“Minds of Mississippi” Premieres

Thinkings Maps’ very own Dr. Marjann Ball hosted the debut viewing of The Minds of Mississippi film at the University of Southern Mississippi in Long Beach, MS. It was a wonderful night, and the documentary was very well-received. Thinking Maps played a
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