People, Process, and Product!

Admittedly, I am a reality show junkie! After a long, fulfilling day working with schools and districts, addressing email, and connecting with my family, I love nothing more than escaping to a reality show.
One of my favorites is The Profit on CNBC. Not familiar with this show? Marcus Lemonis, a self-made millionaire, is solicited by business owners looking for his expertise, consultation, and financial resources to save their flailing companies. In exchange, he seeks a percentage of their success, since he is investing his own money. Marcus examines their financial bottom line, observes their processes for business operation and the creation of product(s). Additionally, he interviews all the key employees to get their perspective on why the company is not progressing. With facts in hand, he then determines whether or not to make a personal investment. The handshake agreement and verbal contract typically require they follow his exact recommendations. The clean-up then commences, laden with cliff-hangers and dramatic moments but overarched with his three-pronged approach through the transformation – People, Process, and Product.
This got me thinking about our company, Thinking Maps Inc. We truly embody all three of these pillars. Our consultants and sales representatives are award-winning educators who have come to us with vast knowledge and experiences in classroom, school, and district settings. Our process is simple. We provide the best standards-based, professional development and teacher/leader materials available to help K-12 learning communities teach critical thinking and writing for ALL students. Our product is unique; in fact, there is nothing like it in the educational market.
With interest growing in running schools and districts on a more business-like model, Marcus’ approach got me thinking. Should we examine our schools and/or districts from this same three-pronged approach?
What would you say about the People, the Processes, and the Product that your learning community is providing to your customers (students and parents)? Are you having incredible success? If so, then I bet you would agree that it is your People, Process, and Product that are responsible for that success. Or, are you in need of a Marcus-like consultation to examine your bottom line, observe your people and offer solutions to your processes or perhaps even change the product that you deliver. It may not be comfortable to think of education in this way, but I guarantee that if we focus on the needs of our customers through this model, ALL of our schools can be successful.
I would welcome hearing your learning communities’ responses to those three questions. And, if needed, contact us to examine where you are and how Thinking Maps implementation may propel you to the desired outcomes.

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