Do I have to fax in my order?

No. You can submit your order via fax, email, or postal mail. Our fax number is 919-678-8782. Email orders should be submitted to office@thinkingmaps.com. Our postal address is 401 Cascade Pointe Ln, Cary, NC 27501.

What is your fax number?

Our fax number is 919-678-8782. The fax machine stays pretty busy, so if your fax won’t go through, please keep trying.

Where do I get an order form?

You will find purchase information by clicking here. Just print the pdf order form and fax it in once you’ve completed it.

Can I place an order over the phone?

No, but you can fax it and pay with a credit card or Purchase Order. If you prefer to pay with a check, please mail the original order form with the check to our office at 401 Cascade Pointe Lane, Cary, NC 27513.


Is there a charge for shipping?

For orders over $120.00, ground shipping is 6% of the total. If the order is less than $120.00, the shipping charge is $7.00.

What is your minimum charge for shipping?

$7.00 minimum

Do you charge 6% shipping and handling to software orders?

Item #2310 is the exception; it has just a 3% shipping charge.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

We only charge sales tax in North Carolina and California. Remember to calculate sales tax on both shipping and handling. Most North Carolina counties charge 6.75% sales tax, though there are several counties that are at 7%. California sales tax varies depending the city. Please contact us if you need help calculating your tax.

How long does it take to ship the materials?

On average we ship within 5 business days. We ship from our facility in Waco, TX. If there is a specific date by which you need the order, please make sure to write that clearly on the order form. You will need to have your materials in hand the day BEFORE your training starts.


Do you take credit cards?

Of course! We accept Visa or MasterCard. When you send in your order, remember to include the credit card expiration date, security code, and billing address and phone number.

When do you charge the credit card?

We charge your card on the day the order ships (for materials) or after the first part of a training. It can take up to 2 weeks to charge the card after the training so please be patient. We will mail the invoice and receipt from our office in North Carolina.

Can you bill my school?

Yes, we will happily do that, but we will need a purchase order number.

Do I need a purchase order number when registering for a training session?

You don’t need a purchase order number when you register for training, but you do have to submit one before the training starts.


Can I get a written quote?

Of course! You can get a written quote from the sales representative for your area. If you would like a verbal quote, please contact our office in North Carolina, and we will be happy to help you out.

Do you sell maps and globes?

No, we don’t sell maps or globes. But we do often rely on GPS.

Can I order books without training?

Training is required for most of our materials because the books alone don’t provide comprehensive training. You can order a few titles that do not require corresponding training in Thinking Maps before purchase: Analytical Reading and Reasoning, 3rd Ed., Mastering Reading through Reasoning, 2nd Ed., Student Successes with Thinking Maps?.


Due to the high volume of questions we receive about technology/software, we’ve moved this FAQ to a different page.

You can access it by clicking here.